A Crypto Token that Aims at Providing Solutions to the Africa has been Launched

Afrostar, a cryptocurrency that will provide trade and investment solutions in Africa.

(October 24, 2021) – A crypto token that is designed to provide solutions to the African continent and beyond has been launched. Afrostar, the united digital currency of Africa aims at being the mainstream token in the continent and as well as other parts of the world. Built for Africa but targeting investors from all over the world, the crypto token aims at providing a range of powerful real-world use cases. Afrostar ecosystem is a suite of online tools and DApps for crypto investors; it includes the cryptocurrency, trading exchange, P2P exchange, copy trading platform, and NFT platform.

As part of its phased launch, Afrostar has a pre-sale where they are supplying 40% of the total token. The distribution of the token which has a total supply of 1 quadrillion has been strategically planned to optimize the success of the project and in turn, benefit the investors. 

Afrostar seeks to provide solutions to Africa through the promotion of intra-continent trade, enhancing Diaspora remittance, providing a suite of online tools and DApps powered by African token, as well as allowing everyone; in Africa and beyond to have a piece of the massive potential of cryptocurrency in the continent. Also, African governments seeking to raise funds and support local projects have a solution, as Afrostar is providing a blockchain solution. 

Afrostar is backed by founders and business angels who have vast experience in crypto token investment. It is also backed by a team comprising professionals who have vast experience in blockchain and cryptocurrencies. Among the team members are people who understand Africa and its unique investment opportunities. Ambassador Wallace Williams from Nigeria is the Chief Operating Officer; he has a vast and in-depth knowledge and understanding of business across Africa. Ambassador Wallace and other crypto token founders are optimistic that the crypto token will be a huge success. They envisage that it will bring a real positive change through crypto technologies.

Afrotoken has taken several safety steps to protect investors; they include the locking of the Liquidity Pool ensuring that it cannot be rug pulled, buying back funds in support of the token price when required, and toxic whale tax to protect against sudden price changes among other measures. 

About Afrostar

Afrostar is a crypto token for Africa with a vision of becoming a mainstream cryptocurrency used and trusted in the continent and the world at large.


For more information visit:  https://www.afrostar.io   

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